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What Is a Tax Lien?

Did you know that when you owe the IRS money they can hold the rights to collect taxes from your property and other assets if you sell? This is known as a lien and protects the government’s interest in your property if you fail to pay your taxes or still owe money.

A lien can also be held against your spouse and even your company, putting everything you own and all your assets at risk.

When the IRS files a lien against you it shows up on your credit report and can prevent you from taking out a reasonable loan or even opening a checking account.

Who can afford to pay 18-22 percent on a loan for a car?

Rucker Tax Can Help

An IRS lien can negatively impact your life and hold your assets and property hostage. With the help of Rucker Tax & Consulting, you can be certain that there is an expert on your side when you are faced with IRS liens.

Being audited by the IRS creates the same amount of dread as seeing a police car coming up behind you with its lights on. While owing the IRS money or being audited is never a pleasant experience, Rucker Tax & Consulting will be in your corner and provide the expertise to help you and serve your best interests.

Rucker Tax & Consulting was founded and owned by Benjamin Rucker, a former IRS Revenue Agent with over seven years of experience. With expertise on how the IRS functions, having been on the other side, he is uniquely situated to protect and effectively represent you from IRS audits and collective actions.

Rucker Tax & Consulting offers services to help you resolve your IRS liens issues and make the process as painless as possible,offering you the best, most efficient service and representation. Helping taxpayers like you across the country permanently resolve their IRS lien problems and helping you settle for the least amount of money owed by law is the specialty of Rucker Tax & Consulting!


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