Loan Questions: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS What should I do if a friend or family member asks me to cosign a loan? How can I get the best deal on a home equity loan or an equity line of credit? What are the costs of obtaining a home equity line of credit? Should I obtain a home equity […]

Getting a Loan: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS Should I prepay my mortgage? When should I refinance my home? Should I borrow against my securities? What is a home equity line of credit? What are the costs of obtaining a home equity line of credit? What is an interest rate “lock-in”? What disclosures must a lender give you? What is […]

ATM Transactions: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS How do automated teller machine (ATM) and other electronic transfer transactions work? What should I do if I find an error related to an electronic fund transfer or ATM transaction? What happens if my ATM card is lost or stolen? Will I be able to use my ATM card overseas? How will […]

Bank Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

ABLE OF CONTENTS What banking fees do I need to look out for when shopping for an account? What are the different types of bank accounts available? What type of account should I open? How should I shop for a “best buy” bank account? How much protection is provided by federal deposit insurance? How can […]

Applying For a Loan: How To Get The Best Loan At The Lowest Cost

Debt should be incurred with caution. Yet there are ways to take advantage of your available credit to enjoy a purchase, make an investment, or take care of an emergency. Here is a guide to finding out which form of borrowing will best suit your needs as well as some pointers on finding the lowest-cost […]

Bank Accounts: What To Look and Ask For

What type of account should you keep your money in at a bank or savings and loan association? How can you find the account that will charge you the least amount of money for the services you need? This Financial Guide helps you choose the most cost-effective type of account. TABLE OF CONTENTS Comparing Types […]

Investment Options: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS What are the steps in the investment process? What types of risks are involved in investing? What steps can I take to avoid unnecessary risks? What questions should I ask before making any investment? What questions should I ask before making a mutual fund investment? What investment hazards should I look out […]

Developing a Financial Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS How do I determine my long-term financial goals? Is there any validity to financial planning “rules of thumb”–such as “saving 10% of your gross income”? What do women in particular need to keep in mind with regard to financial planning? What special problems do unmarried couples have to be concerned with in […]

Budgeting: How To Prepare a Workable Plan

A budget is an essential component of your financial plan. Not only does it force you to monitor your spending, it enables you to focus on which items (such as loans and credit card debt) you can pay off or pay down so that you can accumulate funds for retirement, education, or buying a home. […]

Your Financial Plan: Getting Started On a Secure Future

This Financial Guide tells you how to begin the financial planning process. It provides worksheets to help you find out where you are financially and where you want to be in the future. It will help you identify your goals, determine your net worth and cash flow, plan to achieve your goals as well as […]

Tax Benefits of Higher Education: Frequently Asked Questions

  TABLE OF CONTENTS What types of tax relief are available for costs of my children’s higher education? What is the education tax credit? Do any tax planning considerations apply to the education tax credit? Do living expenses while in school qualify for tax relief? How does a Coverdell (Section 530) program work? How can […]

Higher Education Costs: How To Get The Best Tax Treatment

Various tax benefits, including tax exemption, tax deferral, tax credits, and deductions, are available if you are paying or saving for college or other higher education costs. This Guide suggests ways to take advantage of these benefits. TABLE OF CONTENTS Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (Section 530 Programs) Qualified Tuition Programs (Section 529 Programs) Traditional and […]

Saving for College: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS When should I start saving for my child’s education? How much will my child’s college education cost? How should I invest my child’s college fund? What is the American Opportunity Tax Credit? What is the “kiddie tax”? What is an Education IRA and who is eligible for one? If you have insufficient […]

Raising a Child: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS How much will it cost me to raise a child? What costs can I expect during the first year? How much will I spend on my child during ages one through six? How much will I spend on my child during ages six through twelve? How much will I spend on my […]

Your Child’s Education: How To Finance It

How can you properly fund your children’s education without draining your current cash flow? What should you do if they are a few years away from college and your education fund won’t be enough? How can you increase your chances of getting financial aid? What tax benefits might be available to you? This Financial Guide […]

The “Nanny Tax” Rules: What To Do If You Have Household Employees

If you have a household employee, you may need to pay state and federal employment taxes. Which forms do you need to file for your household employees? Is your maid, housekeeper, or babysitter covered by the rules? This Financial Guide provides the answers to these and other questions. TABLE OF CONTENTS Who is a Household […]

Getting Married (or Divorced): Some Financial Guidelines

What are the financial implications of marriage (and of divorce and re-marriage)? Those who have recently changed their marital status or who are planning such a change may have important financial and legal decisions to make. These decisions might deal with property ownership, providing for children’s welfare, post-mortem planning, and day-to-day finances. TABLE OF CONTENTS […]

Life Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS How do insurance companies classify individuals for rate purposes? What questions should I ask my life insurance agent? What should I watch out for when buying life insurance? How do I compare the cost of several insurance policies? Do I really need life insurance? How much life insurance should I buy? What […]

Getting Married: Frequently Asked Questions

TABLE OF CONTENTS Legal Rights: What are the major differences between married and unmarried couples? What estate and financial planning steps are particularly important for unmarried couples? Do married couples need life insurance? If you change your name after marriage, who should be notified? Do I need to update my will when I get married? […]

Becoming a Parent: The Financial Considerations

Once you have a child, financial planning for the future becomes even more essential. How will you finance child care, medical bills, food, education, clothing, toys, and education savings? What will you need to spend money on and how much will each item cost? Here is some of the information you will need. TABLE OF […]

Life Insurance: How Much and What Kind To Buy

How much life insurance do you need? What type is appropriate? You should review your life insurance needs each time you have a major life event. Here is what you need to know to properly plan for your life insurance needs-to buy enough and to get the most for your money. Do You Need Life […]

Reducing Risk and Paying Less Taxes

A good business structure is the first step to reducing risk and paying less taxes. An LLC is not a tax structure. There is no such thing as an “LLC Tax Return”. The LLC can elect to be taxed as an S-Corporation, Partnership, or any other structure. If no election is made and you are […]