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As a former IRS agent, Benjamin Rucker has the knowledge and expertise to help you with any IRS issues you may be facing. At Rucker Tax & Consulting, we have solutions for a number of IRS-related concerns:


IRS Problems

IRS Liens

Federal tax liens are claims against your assets when you fail to pay a tax debt. Property can include your home, personal belongings, or any financial assets. A public notice is filed which alerts creditors of your lien.


IRS Seizures

The IRS may seize property due to a long-term lack of payment on a tax debt. This property may include real estate, vehicles, jewelry, or other personal property. It may also include property held by someone other than the taxpayer, such as wages and bank funds.


Non-Filed Tax Returns

Failing to file your tax returns is a criminal offense which can result in jail time (one year for every year you did not file).



Filing bankruptcy can help discard debt and other tax problems in certain situations. Bankruptcy is handled in federal courts. To qualify, you must meet each rule outlined in the US bankruptcy code.


IRS Relief Solutions

Offer in Compromise

This is a program through the IRS that allows those who qualify to negotiate and settle an amount that is less than the owed total. This allows you to clear your debt at a lower cost.


IRS Payment Plan

If you don’t qualify for Offer in Compromise, you can set up a payment plan with the IRS. This allows you to pay off your debts over a set period of time. Penalties and interest continue on your outstanding balance until paid off.


IRS Appeals

Appeals are for when you believe your tax debt is an error. In an appeal, you restate your case to have the IRS reevaluate your tax debt assessment. Filing a frivolous appeal can result in a heavy fine.


IRS Audit Representation

During a tax audit, the IRS will examine all financial information to ensure all information was reported correctly. In this examination, they will determine if the amount of tax reported is incorrect. An audit is time consuming and requires you to gather records for any tax items reported. Having a third party helps with time and accuracy.


Rucker Tax Relief

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